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But due to the fact that I'm ALWAYS simplifying my business and helping others do the same. I have found that continuing to create a new page for every single episode wasn't needed. With my format, people prefer Audio over Video and there wasn't enough traffic to each page relative to the number of downloads to warrant creating new pages for each episode.

The information on this page covers 90% + of the same info that was on each individual "show notes" page.

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I always get asked what do you do? 

I COACH People POWERFULLY ONE on ONE & this JUMPSTART Session will give you a great idea of what working with me would be like!

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"Just got off a JUMPSTART Session with Michael Gebben, and he's a beast, an extremely kind, wise, encouraging beast. I have so much less existential angst right now after our session! If you need help untangling your cycles of pain/negativity, do yourself a favor and do a session with him. You won't regret it!"

-Jason Wong

"Working with Michael has personally been the best decision I made for my life & business. If you work with him and commit, I’m sure it will be yours too."

-Mark Wonderlin

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