Simplify Your Coaching Business &



A new way of coaching that does NOT need scheduled sessions,

but has the same IMPACT as scheduled sessions.

The Ultimate VOXER Training!

VOXER has given me the FREEDOM I've always craved since becoming an Entrepreneur in 2006!

I'm EXCITED to share my journey with transitioning me and my clients to VOXER & how I've generated over $70,000+ from VOXER ONLY Coaching Packages.

You could use VOXER exclusively or as an add on.

I did it with: No .pdfs, No Courses, No Worksheets, No Sales Calls , No Sales Pages.

Mainly just Facebook, Voxer, and a way to accept Payments.

I like to think of myself as a Rebel without a Schedule.

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What would it be like for you to be able to coach and make a deep impact on your clients without having to keep a hectic schedule. If you could have clients & work anywhere that inspires you. Coach while you are on a walk, a bike ride, your favorite coffee shop, traveling, or pacing around in your office. Coach in the morning, afternoon, or evening. You CAN coach powerfully whenever from wherever your heart desires.

With VOXER you can have the same IMPACT with coaching without the hectic schedules.

Achieving TOTAL FREEDOM for you and your clients.

What is VOXER you may ask?

VOXER is an app (it's FREE) that only a few coaches & consultants have known about until NOW to create & grow more effective, FREEDOM Filled Businesses!

VOXER functions like almost ANY other messaging app except the AUDIO Functionality is where it REALLY Shines.

Unlike other apps you can speed up and slow down recordings, fast forward and rewind recordings, listen LIVE while someone is talking, & never lose a recording because a call comes through.

I treat Coaching with VOXER the "same" as if I were doing an actual scheduled zoom/phone session in that you would not be texting someone on a zoom/phone session you would typically ONLY Talk.

Talking is way more powerful than texting.

Coaching with an app like VOXER is the way of the future and apps with millions of users like Talkspace used for Therapy is already leading the way using similar technology & methods. Talkspace even did a study where 44% of clients showed significant changes in 8 weeks vs. only 25% using traditional scheduled in person or phone/zoom sessions.

I can confirm that my clients have gotten better and faster results using VOXER vs. scheduled phone/zoom sessions.

Why Should I Consider Using

VOXER for my Coaching Business?




Coaches and Consultants who only coach with Scheduled Sessions:

  • Full Calendar = NO FREEDOM & Exhaustion.
  • Limited Impact & Income do to length of Sessions and limited time per day to do sessions.
  • ​It's FRUSTRATING to have a potential client or client cancel and need to reschedule last minute.
  • Being in the FLOW writing or creating and then losing the FLOW because you need to jump on a scheduled call/session.
  • Less Clients = Less IMPACT and INCOME.
  • Difficult to work with international clients because of time zones.

Summary: Coaching Clients with scheduled calls takes you out of the flow zone, slows clients progress, and takes away freedom.





Here's what happened after I started using VOXER almost exclusively for coaching and stopped having Scheduled Sessions:

  • My Calendar is Empty with NO anxiety or stress!
  • I can take on More Clients = More IMPACT & More INCOME!
  • I can help my clients get faster results because they are more comfortable sharing more and sooner.
  • I don't waste time with NO SHOWS on "Sales Calls" or "Strategy Sessions".
  • ​​If something comes up in my or my clients lives personally or professionally, we don't have to worry about cancelling sessions.
  • ​Something that would take 2 Hours on a Scheduled Session takes 20-40 mins or less on Voxer.
  • Can work with clients all over the world because scheduling isn't an issue anymore. But can still make the SAME IMPACT as a scheduled session.

Summary: Always supporting clients at my BEST, Total FREEDOM and Flexibility!


3 Reasons WHY Using VOXER for Coaching can be

BETTER than Scheduled Zoom/Phone Sessions.

No Scheduled Sessions = FREEDOM

I know for myself and MANY others who go into business for themselves we are seeking FREEDOM. If you have chosen to become a Coach or Consultant that freedom can very quickly be taken away with a packed schedule.

Then you are torn if you made the right decision to become a coach. OR you are in the FLOW writing or creating content and you have to drop it to get on your session. With Voxer and the way I teach using it, you will will EXPERIENCE TRUE FREEDOM and always be able to create and coach when you are in the FLOW ZONE!

No Wasted Time Scheduling & Rescheduling = More Time Helping and Creating!

Whether I have been the coach or been the client, I have always disliked schedules and having a full calendar. When I was the client and still had my video production company, last minute I would get a job that conflicted with my coaching session and I would have to choose between a $3,000 project or my coaching session.

Sometimes it would take weeks to reschedule. Plus for people with busy schedules or you might have kids and it's very difficult to find the perfect time to work. Coaching with Voxer allows you to coach when it works best for you and the client can respond when it works best for them!

Voxer = More Efficient & More IMPACTFUL

Sometimes a client just needs to get something off their chest that might only take them 5 minutes and require a 5-15 minute response.

That same interaction might end up taking up an entire 1-2 HOUR scheduled session. Now you can have MORE impactful interactions leading to faster breakthroughs in less time!

I'm Michael Gebben, The MIND Mechanic!

From "Paper Boy" to "Breakage Boy" at a local beer distributor to the "Video Guy" to "Same Day Edit Guy" to the MIND Mechanic, I've had quite the journey... Since the mid-2000’s I have been building my career as a Creator, Coach, and Speaker. From shooting over 300 weddings and working with mom and pop shops, to joining productions by Netflix, Oprah Network OWN, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, the #1 Doubles Players in Tennis—The Brian Brothers, I have worked with a full gamut of clients.

I love to share all the good, bad, and ugly lessons I've learned from founding my very first video production company in high school, to making millions traveling the world, and almost going bankrupt.

Throughout all these experiences, there has never been anything quite like seeing my coaching clients light up with the knowledge that they are more than capable to do what they want and wake up EXCITED for the day! I've helped hundreds of people identify their mental blind spots, and go on to achieve things they once believed to be impossible.

The lessons I've learned from millions made, millions lost, and millions in the making inspires people that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! I find great joy in sharing my knowledge and experiences with the dreamers, doers, and entrepreneurs that have been pushed to go society's way, so that we can all finally learn how to CREATE OUR OWN WAY!

VOXER has given me the FREEDOM I've always craved since becoming an entrepreneur in 2006! I'm EXCITED to share my journey with transitioning me and my clients to VOXER & how I've generated over $70,000+ from VOXER ONLY Coaching Packages.


The Ultimate

VOXER Training!

Instant virtual access to the resources you need to master VOXER and put in place the app to maximize your efficiency, effectiveness, and growth!

Choose Your Contribution

Sliding Scale $1-$44


Here's what you're getting!

Value Packed Workbook

44 Pages of Expert Guidance & Templates on developing familiarity with and successfully integrating VOXER into your coaching business.

3+ Hours

of Audio Trainings

Step-by-Step Direction via audio recordings that walk you through understanding everything you need to know to start using Voxer or advance your knowledge of ways to use Voxer to make a deeper IMPACT on your clients and help you get back the time FREEDOM you desire.

Interviews with Successful VOXER Users

In-Depth Discovery of the mistakes, accomplishments, lessons, and best-practices coming straight from Ari Meisel and Sheedia Jansen—some SUPER Successful Voxer Coaches I know and trust!


1-on-1 Coaching

Jumpstart your journey with VOXER by having your very own Private 1 on 1 Coaching Experience in VOXER with ME Michael Gebben. Support when you need it most throughout your journey discovering the value of VOXER and how best to implement it in your business. There is nothing better than having your own Voxer Experience to cement just how POWERFUL it is!

But don't just take my word for it, check out how

VOXER is changing my client's lives...


The VOXER Workbook Includes...

  • Using VOXER for Coaching: How to Develop Better Connections with Clients.
  • What is VOXER Coaching?
  • Produce Better Client Results with VOXER.
  • Navigating Time Zones & Call Schedules.
  • VOXER vs. Messenger vs. Whatsapp
  • Encouraging Clients to Use VOXER.
  • Onboarding & Welcoming Clients to VOXER.
  • Templates for Onboarding Pages.
  • Finding New VOXER Coaching Clients.
  • 33 VOXER Coaching Packages.

Choose Your Contribution

Sliding Scale $1-$44


Learn from these two

INCREDIBLE Coaches who have

been swearing by VOXER for years!


Ari Meisel, EMT & VOXER Coach

Before finding Voxer, Ari owned and operated a coaching business that spent over $300,000 a year in overhead maintaining a full staff, producing live events, masterminds, courses, zoom calls, the whole 9 yards. He shut it ALL down to pursue a career as an EMT, but couldn't shake his desire to coach people. Looking for flexibility and efficiency, he found Voxer, and he immediately transitioned a good chunk of his clients over to Voxer ONLY Coaching. He charges $10,000 for 6 months. You will get access to an interview where he breaks down HOW he transitioned his clients over to Voxer, his rates, and MORE!

Sheedia Jansen, VOXER Coach

What to say about Sheedia....INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, GENIUS, SWEET, FUN, COMPASSIONATE, CARING on and on I could go! I found Sheedia in May of 2022 and signed up for VIP Voxer Day and my MIND WAS BLOWN! I have been working with her as my coach ever since. She uses Voxer very heavily in her business and is the ONLY way I currently communicate with her. I had been using Voxer for coaching 3.5 years before I met Sheedia but I never had received great coaching in Voxer, I was only the giver of the coaching. Once I worked with Sheedia it REALLY cemented in the VALUE and TRANSFORMATION that can take place in Voxer. Sheedia has been a big INSPIRATION for this Voxer Training and she shares her tips and tricks in an exclusive interview with her journey using Voxer in her business.


Get access to my 2 Audiobooks, absolutely FREE so that you can improve your business and your mindset at the same time!




I've got A's

for your Q's!

How much does it cost?

If you select the base package it includes the 44 Page Workbook & Audio Tutorials, It's currently offered at Pay What You Want from $1-$44 and your payment of gets you the lifetime access to the Course/Training Dashboard with the Workbook and Training, the 2 Bonus Audiobooks, and interviews with Ari & Sheedia. The group coaching option and the private coaching option are optional and can be added at checkout.

Who is this “Workbook Training” for?

This is geared towards coaches and consultants. If you've got a coaching/training (program) to offer and you're looking for more freedom and flexibility in your life and business, VOXER and this training can be an asset for you!

Does it matter if I'm new to coaching?

Nope! If you're just getting started, I believe this is the best way to start connecting with your clients efficiently and providing highly effective support.

Is the content available right away?

Yes, Right away! All of the resources currently available provide all of the information and guidance needed on getting Voxer up and running for your business!  

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes, there's a 30-Day No-Questions Money-Back Guarantee.

Do I need to pay for VOXER?

NO, VOXER is a FREE app with a paid option that is not needed to succeed with VOXER.

Does what you teach in this Workbook/Training only work with VOXER?

Yes and NO, What I teach can be used for other apps like Whats App, Marco Polo, Messenger, iMessage etc. but the Functionality for Recording Audios is where VOXER OUTSHINES ALL other apps. It is my MAIN reason for using VOXER. Once you experience it's hard to use anything else...


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