When I HEAR you, I can HELP you!

I'm tuning up HEARTS & MINDS one at time! 

So that YOUR ideas don't die in your HEART, HEAD, or HARD DRIVE!

As a MIND Mechanic I'll dig deep under your "hood" to SHIFT your MIND into HIGH GEAR!


Experience the BREAKTHROUGH you've been searching for...

Weekly Online Group Sessions are available on Tuesdays to help TUNEUP YOUR MIND to greater levels of Clarity, Confidence, Courage, Certainty, and ENERGY!

You will have the ability to ask questions & interact but you also will get a ton out of the sessions just observing me interact with others. I assure you these are NOT like any other sessions you have experienced in the past.

My Motto is:


So don't worry about asking me the right questions. I just need to hear you talk about your hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations, angers, wins, losses, etc. and I will be able to know how I can help you!! I LOVE what I do & WHO I get to do it with! I look forward to connecting & seeing what miracles we can create together!

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Just want to say how grateful I am for what you are doing with MIND TUNEUP TIME LIVE. I went into the program not really knowing what it was, and with no expectations. Just four weeks later and I can honestly say that my life has changed. Despite not being able to make all the sessions, the advice you gave on those I did attend, and to those who asked questions on the ones I had the opportunity to listen back to, literally solved the dilemma I was experiencing. I now think entirely differently. I’m going at my pace. I’m not the stressed-out guy I was four weeks ago, beating myself up for being stuck, lying awake at night trying to figure my life out. I’m now coming from a place of FUN, not FORCED. I’m excited for what the future brings, but grateful for the now. I owe you, man. Thank you!"

-Stu Turner

Personal, Business, & Relationship Coaching

My One on One Coaching is for you if you are hitting roadblocks in your life and using youtube, books, courses, fb groups, etc. to get help, just isn't cutting it anymore. If you want a more effective personal approach than I'm your guy


"Working with Michael has personally been the best decision I made for my life & business. If you work with him and commit, I’m sure it will be yours too."

-Mark Wonderlin

Lives are Being Transformed.

My mission with coaching people one on one is not to provide more information that you have to figure out on your own but rather personal guidance to help you: Find Clarity, Confidence, & Your Sweet Spot so you can get unstuck & start taking inspired action

I've helped many people transition their careers, grow their business, and do more of what they LOVE!


"Just got off a Session with Michael Gebben, and he's a beast, an extremely kind, wise, encouraging beast. I have so much less existential angst right now after our session! If you need help untangling your cycles of pain/negativity, do yourself a favor and do a session with him. You won't regret it!"

-Jason Wong

FREE Audiobook for Creators!

This inspiring high energy Audiobook isn't just for people wanting to start a video business, it's for all creators. I share my journey on starting a video business right out of High School with no college & staying in business for over 13 years, generating 6 figures or more a year for the majority of that time. This will teach the POWER of M.I.A., how it can help grow your business, & give your clarity & direction for YOUR LIFE!

Listen to find out how ;)

During that time I shot over 300 weddings & strategically used free work to get paid work with people like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Lewis Howes, & many others. Find out how you can reach the unreachable in your life and business!