People of all experience levels & walks of life come to me for a MIND TUNEUP.

I will help FREE YOUR MIND from the limits and constraints that hold you back. When you have Clarity, Confidence, Connection, & CREATE YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY you can achieve anything you DESIRE

A lot of coaches give you prescriptions that work for themselves but not you. I only care about what’s right for you! When you get clarity on what's right for you, Anything is Possible.

The FREEDOM that so many seek isn't found in making more money, a certain job, business model, a relationship, a course, a book, or anything external. It's an INSIDE Game & it's the Game I help people PLAY & WIN!



So don't worry about asking me the right questions. I just need to hear you talk about your hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations, angers, wins, losses, etc. and I will be able to know how I can help you!! I LOVE what I do & WHO I get to do it with! I look forward to connecting & seeing what miracles we can create together!

I always get asked what do you do? 

I COACH People POWERFULLY ONE on ONE & this snippet from a Session will give you a great idea of what working with me would be like!

Reach Out About Working Together

There are no formulas, scripts, or step by steps here. My methods for coaching are simple yet effective and no two people I work with have the same experience. In fact, many people have said in the most positive way ;) "WOW that wasn't what I expected!" when they get done interacting with me.

I coach clients one on one privately and I also coach individuals and organizations in a group setting with MIND TUNEUP TIME LIVE Sessions (see below). If you have an interest in working together either one on one or with MIND TUNEUP TIME, the best way to get started is to click here to send me a message or send an e-mail to so we can discuss the best way I can help you.

MIND TUNEUP TIME LIVE Sessions. Click HERE to learn more!


"Just got off a Session with Michael Gebben, and he's a beast, an extremely kind, wise, encouraging beast. I have so much less existential angst right now after our session! If you need help untangling your cycles of pain/negativity, do yourself a favor and do a session with him. You won't regret it!"

-Jason Wong

"Working with Michael has personally been the best decision I made for my life & business. If you work with him and commit, I’m sure it will be yours too."

-Mark Wonderlin

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If you are not quite ready to pay for Coaching then I have a few free options available.


2. An Audiobook & Video E-Course called the MIND TUNEUP METHOD. CLICK HERE

3. An Audiobook I recorded that will be sure to light a fire in your belly. CLICK HERE